Hello Dolls

Sorry for not been posting the past week but i was in Berlin for vacations with my boyfriend and friends. Berlin was really fun (& extremely cold ) but i’m happy to be back home. My post today has it’s inspiration from 80’s. Take a look..

rundmc7777  rundmc666 rundmc11111

Blouse RUN DMC  – Urban Outfitters

Sneakers -Nike Air Force

Leggings -Hnm



Hello dolls

Winter finally came in Athens and i’m really excited about it. The photoshoot is in Technopolis where live shows & events are hosted, in the same bulding area with my job,at a coffee break

texnopolis 2 1

texnopolis 3 2

texnopolis 1 c

texnopolis 6 c

texnopolis 5c

Jeggings /Beanie- Hnm


Shirt – LondonVillains

Jacket – Nike

Bag- Marc Jacbos